Av or aperture, Tv or the shutter speed and ISO the indicator for light sensitivity are the three basic elements to control light that helps you get a perfect exposure. In photography, we have been taught about exposure in our first few lessons. Therefore, we all first need to be an expert and then excel in exposure to be a photographer par excellence.
Expert in Exposure or XpAvTvISO.
We are working to run a series of National & International Salons with different patronages throughout this year and in the future. We will confer our 1st level distinction, that is XpAvTvISO, to those who will accumulate a total of 70 acceptances from any AvTvISO Salon. Please contact us at email@threedots.in whenever your acceptances reach 70. Awardees of this distinction will get a collectable #AvTvISO Badge, a printed Certificate and a Membership Card that will be valid for 2 years absolutely FREE! You can also participate in all our salons free of cost during your membership period.
Excellence in Exposure or XlAvTvISO
We will confer our final distinction if you earn another 30 acceptances in any two consecutive calendar years after receiving your 1st distinction, i.e., XpAvTvISO. Please note that these 30 acceptances should be earnt after the XpAvTvISO approval date. Please contact us at email@threedots.in whenever you reach the target for this distinction. Awardees of this distinction will get a new #AvTvISO Badge, a printed Certificate and a new Membership Card which will be valid for life. You will enjoy free participation to all our salons for your lifetime!
This is the highest honor awarded by #AvTvISO to the photographers/persons whose contribution helps to enrich the world of photography. This award winner will receive a memento and a printed certificate. Our Hon.AvTvISO awardees are: